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The HN Haus Podcast hosted by Founder and CEO Hannah Nieves was born out of the desire to amplify and share the movers and shakers, tastemakers and innovators of the world. At the table you'll hear the raw and unique experiences, tools and strategies to help grow yourself and your business and solo episodes from Hannah herself.So pull up a chair and welcome to the Haus. 

53. Tapping into Your Intuition to Expand with Katie Parent

October 2, 2022

listen to the podcast on apple listen to the podcast on spotify This summer we had a few clients in town to celebrate them and we had one of our dear friends, Katie Parent attend. She’s a Licensed Therapist, Reiki Master, Breathwork guru and someone who I adore greatly. We ended up chatting while together […]

52. The Science of Happiness with Tia Graham

September 15, 2022

listen to the podcast on apple listen to the podcast on spotify Leading a team is in my opinion the hardest part of entrepreneurship. It takes skill, empathy, emotional intelligence and compassion. In today’s HN Haus podcast episode I’m joined by the incredible, Tia Graham where we chat all things leading our business and team, […]

51. Living Your Authentic Truth With Erin Nicole Porter

September 1, 2022

listen to the podcast on apple listen to the podcast on spotify This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Erin Nicole Porter of Erin Nicole Coaching who is an expert in all things energetics, NLP, hypnosis, somatic healing, and business strategy. In this episode, we go DEEP to uncover how we as business owners […]

50. How to Launch a Podcast with Kacia Fitzgerald.

August 2, 2022

listen to the podcast on applelisten to the podcast on spotify What You’ll Hear In today’s episode, I’m joined by the wonderful Kacia Fitzgerald. Kacia is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, speaker, and podcaster who’s on a mission to help women unapologetically share their voice & message with the world. She’s found that what’s often holding women […]

49. The Evolution From Service to a Luxury Product Brand with Aisha Marshall.

July 18, 2022

listen to the podcast on applelisten to the podcast on spotify Changing our minds as business owners brings great change. Sitting or waiting to jump in the change is easier said than done. What You’ll Hear In today’s episode, I’m joined by the incredible Aisha Marshall talking about the differences in transitioning from a service […]

48. Understanding the Enneagram with Tracy O’Malley

July 7, 2022

listen to the podcast on apple listen to the podcast on spotify When we truly understand ourselves we can connect and deepen our relationships with our clients, family and loved ones. I discovered the Enneagram a few years ago and have always been fascinated with understanding what makes us unique. In today’s episode, I’m joined […]

47. Living Your Truth One Step at a Time with Jenna Kutcher

June 19, 2022

LISTEN ON ITUNES | LISTEN ON SPOTIFY How many of you have been feeling a shift? Whether it’s a shift to change what you’re doing or it’s a shift calling you in a completely new direction. I know it because I’ve felt it. So many times we’re stuck in the day to day of our […]

46. What a Trip to Necker Island Taught Me

June 16, 2022

listen to the podcast on applelisten to the podcast on Spotify I contemplated how I would write this blog post. For a multitude of reasons but mainly because I am forever changed by that experience. About a week ago I returned from a 5-day experience at Richard Branson’s home on Necker Island with a group […]

45. Launching a Product Brand With Ashli Pollard

June 7, 2022

listen to the podcast on applelisten to the podcast on Spotify Have you ever considered creating a product brand? There’s so much that goes into cultivating a cult worthy brand and one that’s built on a mission so strong that it creates a loyal community. Well our guest on the HN Haus podcast has done […]

HN Haus Podcast | Lia Garvin

44. Owning Our Accomplishments and Getting Unstuck with Lia Garvin

May 19, 2022

listen to the podcast on applelisten to the podcast on spotify As women it can be really difficult to OWN our accomplishments. We’re so quick to downplay or brush it off as if it’s not a big deal.  Let’s own our accomplishments shall we? In this episode I’m joined by the incredible Lia Garvin who […]

Victoria Washington x Hannah Nieves

43. Brand Expansion with Victoria Washington

April 27, 2022

  LISTEN TO THE PODCAST ON APPLE LISTEN TO THE PODCAST ON SPOTIFY Building a brand is an evolution. It’s not a one and done situation and one that takes months and even years to fully develop. With many of our community members and clients of HN Haus expanding and growing we wanted to open […]

Hannah Nieves - HN Haus and HN Consulting

Welcome to the New Era of the HN Brands

April 7, 2022

  Listen to the Podcast Episode Here Welcome to the new era of the HN Brands. This blog post has been a tough one to write because I have so much to say. Since we started this company in 2019 and officially going full time in March 2020 a lot has shifted. What started as […]

Identifying Your Core Brand Messaging with Ciara Gigleux

March 10, 2022

Click here to listen to the full episode. Messaging is a key component of any brand and in this episode we dive DEEP. Meet Ciara Gigleux, Founder of The Copy Atelier and is a complete powerhouse. From being in the world of academia, strategizing scientific research projects, presenting at conferences and obtaining her PhD she […]

How to Survive Burnout From An IP Lawyer with Rachel Brenke

February 24, 2022

Click here to listen to the full episode. Challenges come our way but victory is always ahead. In today’s episode I had the privilege of diving deep in a conversation with Rachel Brenke. Rachel  is a multi-faceted entrepreneur, business strategist, and intellectual property attorney. Over 16years ago Rachel knew she wanted to help others, and […]

Navigating The Transition Into Motherhood As An Agency Owner with Lacey Madison

February 17, 2022

Click here to listen to the full episode. Balancing an agency on your shoulders is not for the faint of heart. (Trust me, I know!) Try adding in the transition of becoming a first time mom! In today’s episode I had the privilege of catching up with Lacey Madison, marketing mentor and owner of Soho […]

How to Partner with Iconic Brands with Influencer Jamie Stone

February 10, 2022

Have you ever wanted to hear the inside scoop on working with iconic brands and how influencers get to do what they do? Today’s episode is a treat because I had the privilege of chatting with a former beauty and fashion publicist/social media expert turned blogger, Jamie Stone. After two years of working on the […]

Following Your Bliss and Leading a Life Full of Passion with Alyssa Kuchta

February 3, 2022

Click here to listen to the full episode. We are so excited to share with you this long awaited episode of the Thrive Society Podcast! Alyssa Kuchta is the founder of f.y.b jewelry, a Brooklyn-based company with a mission to inspire and empower women and girls to “follow their bliss” through inspirational jewelry and a […]

The Power of Your Brand Story with Ally Pintucci

June 3, 2021

Listen to the Episode Your story is your most powerful asset.  In today’s episode, I had the privilege of chatting with Ally Pintucci. Ally is a master of many – commercial photographer, visual storyteller, digital influencer, coach, consultant, social media manager, creative director, and agency owner. After working in sales for many years and feeling […]

Finding Your Purpose and Living Your Dream with Alexa Glazer

April 29, 2021

Listen to the Episode Life is a wild ride – sometimes there are highs and sometimes there are lows. But when tragedy or a sudden loss strikes, it can ignite something so much more powerful than we could ever imagine.  Meet Aleza Glazer. Alexa is a purpose and empowerment coach, speaker, author, and adventurer. With […]

Understanding the Legal Side of Your Business with Olamide Michelle

April 1, 2021

Listen to the Episode So you’ve been riding the wave of entrepreneurship for a while. It’s been ebb & flow and suddenly the ride gets rocky. The reality that your business needs protection enters the picture – someone copied your branding, stole a product, and invaded the boundaries of your business.  Scary I know, but […]

Embodying Your CEO Role with Ashton Smith

March 25, 2021

Listen to the Episode There comes a point in every entrepreneur’s journey where you have to decide. Not deciding what your next business move is, or the next big investment – it’s about deciding if you’re going to OWN that you’re a CEO.  I had an incredible conversation with Ashton Smith all about what it […]

Building a Multi Six Figure Brand From the Beach with Amanda Kolbye

March 18, 2021

Listen to the Episode Visualize this with me … Having the choice to not only do what YOU want to do in terms of working but having the choice to work whenever you want! I’m not just talking about your house versus a local coffee shop, I mean ANYWHERE in the globe. Freedom lifestyle.  In […]

The Power of Conversion Copy with Krystle Church

March 11, 2021

I’ve been in this space long enough to recognize the industry buzzwords. One that has been looming in this space for a while is ‘Conversion Copy’. We hear about it all the time in the online entrepreneur space but what does it actually mean? I recently dove into an incredible conversation with one of my […]

How to Identify Your Brand’s Positioning Through Design with Karima Neghmouche

January 21, 2021

Listen to the Episode One of the greatest things about serving in the online space is creating whatever kind of business you want and making everything completely your own. But a hurdle many entrepreneurs face is how to stand out in an industry or niche that can sometimes feel crowded and oversaturated. In today’s episode, […]

Productivity Hacks from this Mom of Four who Balances Motherhood & Business with Tiffany Hoeft

January 14, 2021

Listen To The Episode With us still being in the beginning weeks of 2021 goal setting has been a goal most people have especially for us entrepreneurs. Whether you work full time, have your own business, or trying to balance motherhood and all the things there are tools we can use to keep us on […]

Fostering Community In the Unexpected with Amanda Smith

January 7, 2021

Listen To The Episode One of the many things that bind us as human beings are our desire for connection. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, online creator, or even just walking through life connecting with others is what we are made for. But as we get older and life gets busier it can be really difficult […]

How To Pitch Yourself to Podcasts with Fran Moore

December 30, 2020

Listen To The Episode You’ve brainstormed your ideas, created the outline, recorded your episodes and now you’re ready to start pitching to other podcasts.  But how exactly do you do that? In today’s episode, I had the opportunity to speak with Fran Moore our very own podcast guru and leader in this space. Fran is […]

How to Create Magnetic Content to Attract and Convert Your Dream Clients with Kirsten Roldan

December 22, 2020

Listen to the Episode In the world of the social media space many of us know the power of a large following. We see the brand partnerships, high engagement and thriving businesses take over the online space day in and day out.  But what about the online creators with a smaller following?  In today’s episode […]

List Building and Pre-Launch Strategies for Success with Tirzah Cave

December 16, 2020

Listen To The Episode In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Tirzah Cave on how to launch your next product or service. Tirzah Cave is a marketing strategist and coach who helps female entrepreneurs develop and execute magnetic sales and marketing strategies to attract their dream clients & sell out their services! She was the marketing […]

How To Build A Thriving Facebook Community with Cait Scudder

December 9, 2020

Listen to the Episode On today’s episode we get real with Cait Scudder and talk about all things business, walking through the highs & lows of entrepreneurship and building a thriving Facebook community. Cait Scudder is a business coach and success catalyst for driven women entrepreneurs who are ready to turn their zone of genius […]

How to Hire Your Dream Team with Tianna Tye

December 2, 2020

Listen To The Episode You’ve built the business, grown your community & even treated yourself to a little CEO luxury. (Anyone else love a good vacation?) But with the growth you’ve experienced, it’s also time to begin building your dream team. In today’s episode, I had a chance to chat with Tianna Tye, an Industrial-Organizational […]

Pivoting in Entrepreneurship and How to Wing It with Emma Isaacs

November 18, 2020

Listen to the Episode No matter the situation you are always pivoting in entrepreneurship and half the time we have no idea what it is we’re doing. It’s like the saying, “building a plane while flying it.” Today’s guest can surely speak tons to that. Many of you already know and love her but I’d […]

Transitioning From A High Profile Role Into The Online Space with Jessica Marx

November 5, 2020

Listen to the Episode A lot of people in the entrepreneurship world see corporate roles as the evil, soul-sucking thing you do before you see the light and become an entrepreneur. Business coach Jessica Marx disagrees. I had the pleasure of chatting with Jessica on today’s episode on her entrepreneurship journey and how her high-profile […]

CEO Mindset Shifts For Rapid Growth with Natanya Bravo

October 22, 2020

Listen to the Episode Do you have the mindset of a CEO? As an entrepreneur if you aren’t acting, thinking and working like a CEO you will not be able to achieve the growth you’ve been striving for. When it comes to rapid growth, aside from the work you put in or the money you […]

Owning Your Identity and Story In Your Everyday Life With Ailie Steel

October 8, 2020

Listen to the Episode Whether you’re in the entrepreneur space, balancing a 9-5 or just simply being human, connecting with your identity can sometimes be challenging. We can easily find ourselves trying to survive in life, instead of choosing to thrive. In today’s episode I had the privilege of chatting with Ailie Steel! Ailie is […]

How to Practice Transformational Journaling to Create your Desired Reality with Jessica Estrada

September 18, 2020

Listen to the Episode Transformation takes action through your mindset and in today’s episode we are exploring a whole new avenue to creating your desired reality. I’m so excited to share my conversation with Jessica Estrada with you. Jessica is a certified mindset and success coach, neuro linguistic programming practitioner and hypnotherapist. She helps female […]

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