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Wondering what it's like to work with Hannah? Scroll through the success stories of our past clients who have been through our signature programs and experiences.

"BAA has been the best investment I have ever made in my business."

I loved all of the lessons learned from Hannah and the confidence this newfound knowledge has given me to perform as a CEO instead of solopreneur. Before BAA, I felt overwhelmed and unsure about what I was doing. After BAA, I've had major eye opening moments, gained invaluable knowledge, but also realized that a lot of the setbacks in my business were due to mindset blocks and lack of confidence. Gaining confidence and clarity has been the number one benefit from BAA.

Geisha Garcia of gg communications

"Hannah has great knowledge of brand storytelling and repurposing to increase ROI."

She also has great connections and was able to position TBL in front of great opportunities! Hannah secured top-tier media placements and podcast opportunities that have reinforced The Bravo Life brand and positioned me as a leader in the space.

Natanya bravo of the bravo life

"It's like having a PR genius in your corner..."

Hannah is genuinely there for whatever you need. She checks in on you, helps you understand and strategize all your PR, and communicates everything along the way so well. Her support is so valuable not just in the results we got but in just feeling like you have someone who is a PR genius in your corner. The best part of working with Hannah is of course that she delivers but more so how genuine she is and how much she cares about you. It seems so simple but it is the thing I value most and surprisingly a hard thing to find with higher level business owners. 

"Hannah gave me the support and clarity I needed to take my business to the next level..."

Working with Hannah was a breath of fresh air. She gave me the insights I needed to kickstart the next phase of my business. She brought a wealth of knowledge being an educator as well as her experience with running an agency and working in the corporate world. She gave me a full 360-degree view of my business. I really valued how she was a soundboard for my ideas, and developing the next steps of growing my agency.

ellie rogers, Operations consultant

"Since enrolling in the Brand Authority Accelerator, I made my first $10K month, paid off $20k in debt, and launched 2 new products."

Before BAA, I was drowning in ideas, had a lack of execution and facing inconsistent revenue that made for stressful months. After BAA, I feel like I can take on the world. I feel SO supported, so clear, making consistent revenue, and left with some incredible friends! The level of service Hannah provided inside of BAA is immeasurable. She treated each one of her clients with the same level of white-glove, luxury service and it feels so amazing to be on the receiving end of it. 

"I was instantly put at ease knowing Hannah can help me implement best practices and systems to create consistency I’ve been dreaming of for my business."

She is an incredible wealth of knowledge, experience, and background when it comes to all the things PR, Marketing, and Branding.What I love most is that she never allowed me to stay INSIDE my box. She pushed me to dream big and pulled literally everything I was good at that I didn't even realize I embodied so I could implement them into my business.

"I was able to scale my business to six-figures in three months while working with Hannah..."

Hannah was the only person I could find that aligned with me and where I wanted my business to go. She gave me so much clarity and confidence in my business. Hannah provided so much helpful guidance and always overdelivered.

"Hannah gave us so much value with her support."

She’s very very talented at what she does. She helped our business by providing a strategic marketing plan that we could take and implement.

Her support allowed us to implement effective marketing processes. Her boundless amount of marketing knowledge and her can do/will always get it done attitude, as well as her attention to detail in delivering the support.

Emily Williams, I Heart my life

"Enrolling in The Thrive Collective and working with Hannah was a no-brainer (and an incredible decision)..."

Hannah is a pure gift in this online space and I received incredible support and mentorship. Hannah's ability to give personalized ideas and feedback vs. just typical industry norms has been key to my success and many others within TTC. Before TTC I was just a handful of months into business - momentum was starting to roll but things were moving faster than I knew what to do with. I knew I could try to forge forward on my own but that I'd be missing out on the insights and support from someone who'd been right where I was. 

krystle church, copywriter & consultant

"I was able to get a feature in Medium two weeks later..."

It is so rare to find an online coach and educator that is genuinely invested in your success because they want to see you succeed and not because your success as a coach/educator makes them look good. Hannah is that person who is invested in you because she wants to see you succeed. Working with Hannah is an empowering and supportive experience, and I hope every woman gets the chance to experience that feeling when working with another woman.

A full-service editorial. consultancy serving modern, luxury brands. A full-service editorial. consultancy serving modern, luxury brands. A full-service editorial. consultancy serving modern, luxury brands.