84. How to Successfully Scale a Company as a Founder with ADD/ADHD

Podcast, PR/Media

How can founders with ADD/ADHD successfully scale their company? Dive in with our special guest, Ariana Rodriguez, for expert insights and strategies! Ariana shares her unique approach to creating custom systems, tracking data, and how it can revolutionize your business. IN THIS EPISODE, WE TALK ABOUT [00:04:35] Identifying cost-saving opportunities on platforms. [00:07:45] Importance of […]

How to Incorporate PR Placements into your Content Strategy

Featured, PR/Media

Getting placements is one of the top priorities for many entrepreneurs. It gives you visibility, credibility and authority. But, simply getting mentioned won’t be as productive if you don’t create a content strategy that revolves around leveraging those placements and features. If you are struggling to convert your features into new clients or income, this […]

Leveraging Social Responsibility Into Your PR Plan


In a world where everyone is watching, there is a heightened awareness that companies are expected to do more than create a product or service. Around the world, many corporate companies utilize corporate social responsibility practices to give back to the community and leave an impact. Social responsibility means prioritizing the big P’s: people, planet […]

My Tips for Pitching Freelance Writers


One of the best things you can do to gain visibility, authority and growth is getting media mentions. It’s achievable but it won’t fall in your lap either, you have to work for it and be intentional. I was speaking with several writers for large publications and we were chatting about the biggest mistakes they […]

Marketing Strategies to Implement in Your Business During COVID-19


It’s no surprise that the impact of a global pandemic has shift the economy as we know it. There simply has never been something like this in history, and even our parents and grandparents haven’t lived through something like this. Many businesses have had to restructure their revenue plans and that includes their marketing plans. […]

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