47. Living Your Truth One Step at a Time with Jenna Kutcher

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LISTEN ON ITUNES | LISTEN ON SPOTIFY How many of you have been feeling a shift? Whether it’s a shift to change what you’re doing or it’s a shift calling you in a completely new direction. I know it because I’ve felt it. So many times we’re stuck in the day to day of our […]

46. What a Trip to Necker Island Taught Me

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listen to the podcast on applelisten to the podcast on Spotify I contemplated how I would write this blog post. For a multitude of reasons but mainly because I am forever changed by that experience. About a week ago I returned from a 5-day experience at Richard Branson’s home on Necker Island with a group […]

Victoria Washington x Hannah Nieves

43. Brand Expansion with Victoria Washington

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  LISTEN TO THE PODCAST ON APPLE LISTEN TO THE PODCAST ON SPOTIFY Building a brand is an evolution. It’s not a one and done situation and one that takes months and even years to fully develop. With many of our community members and clients of HN Haus expanding and growing we wanted to open […]

Hannah Nieves - HN Haus and HN Consulting

Welcome to the New Era of the HN Brands

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  Listen to the Podcast Episode Here Welcome to the new era of the HN Brands. This blog post has been a tough one to write because I have so much to say. Since we started this company in 2019 and officially going full time in March 2020 a lot has shifted. What started as […]

Pivoting in Entrepreneurship and How to Wing It with Emma Isaacs

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Listen to the Episode No matter the situation you are always pivoting in entrepreneurship and half the time we have no idea what it is we’re doing. It’s like the saying, “building a plane while flying it.” Today’s guest can surely speak tons to that. Many of you already know and love her but I’d […]

How to Create the Perception of Luxury in Branding

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No entrepreneur wants to be seen as “just another brand.” No, they want to be the gold standard, the premium choice. Here’s the catch, it doesn’t matter what your product or service is, it is all in the perception of luxury that surrounds your brand. Without it, you could have a great product but the […]

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