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Thrive Collective Mastermind hosted by Hannah Nieves

Camp Thrive Retreat Recap

Thrive Collective

HN Haus led by Hannah Nieves hosted our annual Camp Thrive Retreat in the Hudson Valley for Female Founders and CEOS.

47. Living Your Truth One Step at a Time with Jenna Kutcher

Featured, Podcast

LISTEN ON ITUNES | LISTEN ON SPOTIFY How many of you have been feeling a shift? Whether it’s a shift to change what you’re doing or it’s a shift calling you in a completely new direction. I know it because I’ve felt it. So many times we’re stuck in the day to day of our […]

46. What a Trip to Necker Island Taught Me

Featured, Podcast

listen to the podcast on applelisten to the podcast on Spotify I contemplated how I would write this blog post. For a multitude of reasons but mainly because I am forever changed by that experience. About a week ago I returned from a 5-day experience at Richard Branson’s home on Necker Island with a group […]

From a Cubicle Desk to a Multi-Six-Figure Business: Ellen Yin’s Journey of Personal Branding, Strategic Partnerships, and Media Pivots

Branding, Entrepreneurship, Personal Development, Podcast

In today’s episode, we’re joined by the incredible Ellen Yin from Cubicle to CEO. Ellen shares her inspiring story of leaving the corporate world without a backup plan, building a multi-six-figure business, and leveraging personal branding and strategic partnerships to drive success. Dive into this transformative episode as Ellen reveals her steps to creating impactful […]

Navigating the Dual Challenges of Being a Mother and 7-Figure Multi-passionate Founder with Kacia Ghetmiri 

Personal Development, Podcast, Uncategorized

In today’s podcast episode, we’re joined by Kacia Ghetmiri, she and Hannah Nieves discuss the challenges and opportunities of balancing business and motherhood. They explore topics such as money mindset, the layering of multiple passions, and the importance of finding community and support. They also share insights on overcoming guilt and shame as working moms, […]

The Power of a Ted Talk: How Ashley Stahl Went From Counterterrorism to TEDx Speaker, Author and Multimillion Dollar Business Owner

Entrepreneurship, Personal Development

In today’s podcast episode, we’re joined by Ashley Stahl, a former counterterrorism professional who has seamlessly transitioned into a TEDx speaker, author, and multimillion-dollar business owner.  Dive into this engaging episode as Ashley shares invaluable insights into navigating major career shifts, overcoming challenges and mindset shifts, and the power and impact of TEDx talks. IN […]

How We Successfully Launched a Tech Platform in 12 Months: Building a Multimillion-Dollar Company, Leveraging AI Power to Create a Safe Haven for Female Entrepreneurs 

Featured, Podcast

In today’s podcast episode, we’re joined by Maritza Tobon, CMO and Co-Founder of our incredible new platform: Maison.  If you’ve been following our launch and have been curious about the behind-the-scenes journey of creating our AI-powered network designed for female leaders and entrepreneurs, this episode is for you. Discover how Maison is set to transform […]

How To Foster Thriving Relationships and Marriage as a Female Founder with Dr. Christie Kederian

Entrepreneurship, Personal Development

In today’s podcast episode, we’re joined by Dr. Christie Kederian, a licensed marriage & family therapist, a psychologist, and a dear friend of Hannah. Dr. Christie is here to bring her expertise on how we, Female Founders and CEOs can create healthy and fulfilling relationships amidst the demands of entrepreneurship. Stay tuned as we delve […]

Welcome To Our 2024 Season: Untold Stories of Successful Founders, New App, Talks with Industry Leaders, Business Training & More

Podcast, Uncategorized

Welcome to the 2024 season of the HN Haus Podcast! In this episode, Hannah Nieves shares exciting updates and plans for the podcast this year. The intention behind our podcast is to connect with the audience on a deeper level and share the untold stories of successful founders. That’s why, for the upcoming season, we aim […]

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