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How to Partner with Iconic Brands with Influencer Jamie Stone


Have you ever wanted to hear the inside scoop on working with iconic brands and how influencers get to do what they do? Today’s episode is a treat because I had the privilege of chatting with a former beauty and fashion publicist/social media expert turned blogger, Jamie Stone. After two years of working on the […]

Creating an Omni Channel Marketing Strategy


If you spend a lot of time with me on Instagram then you’re probably familiar with a phrase I use all the time, and am VERY fired up about.  Omni Channel Marketing.  If you’re unfamiliar, Omni Channel Marketing is a term that describes the integration of different areas of an organization to create a consistent […]

Elevating Your Luxury Brand in 2022


We shared on our Instagram earlier this month about what to expect this year and boy are we excited What started out as a one woman show quickly expanded to a team, global client roster and major media placements and speaking engagements. We believe strongly in building an iconic brand that’s sustainable and that’s reflective […]

How to Create the Perception of Luxury in Branding

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No entrepreneur wants to be seen as “just another brand.” No, they want to be the gold standard, the premium choice. Here’s the catch, it doesn’t matter what your product or service is, it is all in the perception of luxury that surrounds your brand. Without it, you could have a great product but the […]

How to Measure Brand Affinity in Your Business


So what exactly is brand affinity? I was having a conversation with a friend recently and they asked how I measured brand affinity and loyalty in the corporate world. I realized that brand affinity is something we don’t talk about enough in the online space, so let’s get it out there. Brand affinity is the […]

How to Position Yourself as a Luxury Service Provider


There’s a distinct difference when marketing and selling premium goods vs. mass market goods. Coming from the corporate world of luxury goods this has always been at the top of my mind.  Now as a coach and agency owner, most of my clients would identify themselves as a premium or luxury brand. BUT what does […]

A full-service editorial. consultancy serving modern, luxury brands. A full-service editorial. consultancy serving modern, luxury brands. A full-service editorial. consultancy serving modern, luxury brands.