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71. Shifting Our Mindset From Pivot To Evolution


We recently hosted a workshop about looking within to look forward, and one of the main takeaways was about shifting the language we use when we talk about pivoting. Instead of taking a hard right, we like to think of it as a natural evolution or progression. In this episode, we’re expanding on how to […]

70. Being A Catalyst For Change As An Immigrant Founder And Breaking Generational Patterns And Trauma With Anna Wojtowicz


We’re joined by Anna Wojtowicz, CEO and Founder of The AW Creative, to unpack how being an immigrant has shaped her as a business owner. In our conversation, Anna reflects on how the years of chasing success, but struggling with feeling satisfied and worthy, led her to a period of burnout and inspired a major […]

69. The Reality Of What It Takes To Build A Business With Ashton Smith, CEO & Founder Of The Awakening


We’re joined by Ashton Smith, CEO and Founder of The Awakening, which is a resource for women who want to create a freedom-based business and lifestyle that is wildly aligned, deeply impactful, and legacy-driven.  Ashton shares the highs and lows of how she made the transition from magazine publishing to building an online business and […]

68. How To Expand Your Impact And Use Your Story To Drive Marketing With Ashleigh Henry, CEO & Founder of Cheetah Company


Ashleigh Henry, CEO and Founder of The Cheetah Company, joins us on this episode to illustrate how you can use your story to fuel your mission and craft your branding. In our conversation, Ashleigh details why she’s so passionate about helping women resiliently rise and share their stories through intentional marketing. She also shares how […]

67. Rebecca Cafiero On How To Develop A Business That Works With Your Lifestyle

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Rebecca Cafiero, Business Growth and Visibility Strategist, joins us to share the highlights and the challenges of her entrepreneurial journey so far. Between business coaching, running a PR agency and publishing house, and managing her varied investment portfolio, Rebecca has discovered a way to do what she loves while also incorporating more spaciousness into her […]

66. Why The Future Of Business Is Community With Rebecca Saunders, Founder Of The Champagne Lounge 


We first met Rebecca Saunders during the Necker Island Leadership Summit last year and it’s been incredible to see how much she’s accomplished since that transformative event. In our conversation, she takes us behind-the-scenes of settling into life in the Australian countryside and launching The Champagne Lounge, a digital community for like-minded business women. IN […]

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